St. Anthony’s Extension

A Grant Opportunity to Support Students
with Learning Differences

St. Anthony School Programs is expanding its mission to support additional students with learning disabilities in
the classroom and promote inclusivity, while keeping them in their community Catholic schools. This initiative will
improve the capacity of schools to welcome students with special needs, and support them with increased
resources. Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, St. Anthony School Programs will support three partner
schools within the Diocese of Pittsburgh through the St. Anthony’s Extension initiative. We are excited about this
opportunity to extend our mission and serve more students in need.

Our expected outcomes are to fund the needs of schools within the Diocese of Pittsburgh to support students
with learning dierences, in the three areas of opportunity, listed below. We will measure the success of the
grants awarded by gathering reports due back from partner schools within one year of receiving funds.

Path 41

The St. Anthony’s Extension is a grant opportunity in which three partner schools will be awarded funding to implement this program at their site. The approved funding areas in which the grant must be used to support students with special needs and promote inclusive opportunities are:

1.     Part-time Learning Support Staff:

This type of grant would fund a certified part-time teacher to serve in the role of
supporting students with learning needs, and collaborating with other school staff on
instructional strategies, curriculum, inclusion, and improving overall student progress.

2.      Technology/ Curriculum:

This type of grant can be used to expand and increase a school’s ability to use
technology or curriculum to support students with learning differences. Examples of
technology may include new Smartboards, computers, or iPads. Examples of curriculum
may include software programs to improve reading skill development, or instructional
math programs to adjust math deficits and promote individualized learning.

3.     Training:

This type of grant can be used for increased training and professional development for
teachers, and for all relevant school staff who interact with students with special needs.
Training would focus on supporting students with special needs throughout the school
day, and in different classrooms and settings, such as gym class or music class.
Professional development would aim to build the capacity of the school to support
students with special needs and promote inclusivity of all students.

The application has closed. The recipients of the St. Anthony’s Extension Grant will be notified in March 2023. The application will open again in October 2023.

For additional questions, please reach out to Jaci Wendel at