Elementary Curriculum

Elementary Program K - 8

St. Anthony Elementary School Program allows students the opportunity to learn and grow with same-age peers. In this safe environment, all students are respected and nourished in all areas of development – intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social. Students are placed in age-appropriate homerooms and advance to the next grade year-to-year with their general education peers.

Staff & Students

  • A maximum of 13 students in each elementary Resource Room.
  • Fully certified Special Education Teachers within a Resource Room Model.
  • All teachers meet professional education requirements as per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as provisional religious certification with the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
  • All employees have clearances and attend numerous trainings.

Inclusive Setting

  • Levels of inclusion in general-education classes are determined on an individual basis.  Inclusive classes are supported by paraprofessionals based on each student’s individual needs and abilities.
  • On average, 50% of a students’ day is spent in a general-education classrooms, interacting with their peers.  These usually include classes such as homeroom, art, gym, music, computers, library, religion, lunch, recess, Mass, field trips, school parties, assemblies, and any other special school events.

A Moral Foundation

Our moral foundation stresses the sacred dignity of every individual, which leads the student to a deeper care for God and one’s neighbor.  Each student in the school learns that everyone is unique and a special gift from God.

Resource Room

  • Resource Rooms are headed by a certified special education teacher and a fully trained paraprofessionals.
  • Services include a St. Anthony Social Skills Instructor, Motor Skills Instructor, and Speech Therapy one day per week.

Elementary Curriculum

  • Life Skills – Focusing on building independence and competency in math, reading, handwriting/computer, and social skills.
  • General Education Curriculum – Students are able to access the general education curriculum when appropriate, and staff will develop modifications and adaptations to homework, tests, and projects and quizzes, when necessary.

St. Anthony Students follow the same dress code, school calendar, policies, and procedures as the general education students for the site. Also, they are able to receive sacraments and participate in school-sponsored clubs and sports.