Student Spotlight:

Tess Crouch

Tess is not your typical teen.  She is an 11th grader with Autism and ADHD who has been to Homecoming Dances and never misses a Friday night football game. Since starting with St. Anthony’s in 8th grade she has worked really hard to overcome her reading comprehension issues and struggles with math.

Tess loves people the most and never forgets a face or name. She is an accomplished martial artist in Tae Kwon Do and has recently received her 3rd-degree black belt. She has many hobbies: running for exercise, biking, and bowling. She also loves reading, board games, and crafts.

St Anthony School Program has been such a perfect fit for Tess. It gives her opportunities to spend time in classes with typical kids but still provides needed attention to academics in the resource room. A big thank you to our friend and neighbor Charlene who shared her knowledge of St Anthony’s with us!

student spotlight; tess crouch
Student Spotlight; Tess Crouch with Nick