Student Spotlight:

Megan McCartney

Megan has been in the St. Anthony’s program since fourth grade and attends Blessed Trinity Academy (formerly St. Mary of the Assumption). Her parents learned about the program through their local parish school where she previously attended. After looking at some other schools, they decided the St. Anthony’s program was the best option for Megan and would also allow her to continue learning the Catholic faith.

Megan has thrived in the program and made many friends at school thanks to the inclusion model. Megan struggled in school before the program and was very shy. Since joining the program she has played sports, gone to dances and has enjoyed the social interaction. The program has helped her learning, her social skills and spirituality. Megan became an altar server in 6th grade and enjoys serving Mass.

She is looking forward to making new friends next year in high school and then continuing on with the program at Duquesne University. It is good to know the program is there to support Megan as she continues on with her education.

Megan McCartney Student Spotlight