Student Spotlight:

Ivy Ferrand

Ivy’s parents were so excited to find out that they were having a baby, so much so that since they both worked in the ER they would occasionally do ultrasounds to check on their little “Bubba”. The pregnancy was high risk but everyone hung in and Ivy was born on her due date.  She was healthy and perfect.  Mom and Dad were amazed and over the moon happy. 

Mom soon noticed that Ivy just seemed to be a tiny bit slower than the kids her age but realized that when you are months old a month can make a huge difference so everyone went about their business and no one was too worried.  When Ivy was 3 she had a speech eval because she was dropping parts of words. She soon was in therapy and also was introduced to OT for some motor issues. At age 4 Ivy was diagnosed with a brain tumor after a series of issues and Mom just feeling something was not quite right. She was also accepted into the PreK program in her North Carolina school system.  She loved school.  She attended Kindergarten in NC and it was soon obvious that she was not getting the help she required.  So Ivy’s parents decided to make the move back to Pgh and try public school up north.  Things went well for the first year but second grade was disastrous.  They talked things over and after much exploration of their options they came across the St. Anthony’s program with the help of Mom’s best friend who is an educator for the City of Pittsburgh.  Ivy’s mom had gone to Catholic school and had always wanted her children to attend as well but it seemed impossible.  This appeared to be the answer to their prayers.

In third grade, Ivy made the switch.  She was happy, she loved school again, and she was socially thriving.  She made a new friend immediately and she and Emily quickly became BFFs.  She decided to try sports at the school and has taken a liking to Basketball.  She has been playing since 4th grade and she absolutely LOVES it and the support from her friends and coaches is amazing. 

Finding the St. Anthony’s program has been a God Send for Ivy and her family.  She thrives, she no longer cries after school on a daily basis and she enjoys her teachers and her peers.  She enjoys participating in the Inclusive games and in her first year, she and her buddy even won a trophy for the soccer kick in their age category.  We are thrilled we found a place she fits in and thrives.

Ivy St Anthony Spotlight Picture