Student Spotlight:

Ethan Wagner

Out of darkness and into the light: the birth of a new child is an event that brings unparalleled joy, hopeful expectations, and a new beginning to (what we’ve been told) is the best time of our lives. Fifteen years ago, our dear son entered the world and from every personal and professional perspective, he seemed a normal, healthy baby.

However, as time rolled along, something just didn’t seem “right.” Early educational milestones were missed and red flags were present throughout preschool and kindergarten. As each subsequent school year passed, the gap between our son’s academic/social abilities and those of his peers only widened. 

Soon, we found ourselves with a boy whose scholastic, emotional, and social skills were dramatically below the norm. The diagnosis was Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyslexia. School was proving to be daily torture and it seemed that home-schooling was the only viable alternative. After one year of home-schooling we realized, that while the education element was relatively on par, the social and emotional components were deeply lacking. Every day was a struggle and it was, indeed, dark times.

But faith and light prevail. A family member informed us of St. Anthony School Programs and, seeing no other option, we immediately looked into it. After meeting with the staff, taking a tour of the St. Mary’s facility (now Blessed Trinity Academy), and hearing that there was a spot available, we felt that our next step was divinely intervened.

Ethan is currently a sophomore at North Catholic High School (the fifth year with St. Anthony’s) where he continues to make great strides in academic achievement, social connectivity, and self-sustainability. Ethan’s interests include technology, computer programming, code, and digital design and he can nurture all of these interests at North Catholic. Ethan is also a member of the NC Robotics team where he helped The Trojanators progress to the quarter-finals in the FIRST World Championship in Detroit, Michigan! 

While new challenges may present themselves, our family could not be more proud of Ethan’s progress nor more pleased that Ethan has found a safe home in the St. Anthony School Programs. The staff has been a guiding light throughout our entire journey and we feel truly blessed to share our delight in Ethan’s very bright tomorrow

Ethan Wagner