Student Spotlight:

Connor Bienemann

Connor entered into this world in September of 1997. He was a happy and squirmish baby who did not like to stop in stores when he was in his stroller. He would carry on screaming and crying, but otherwise, his toddler years were uneventful. When he turned 5 we decided to send him to kindergarten at Immaculate Conception School. It was during that time that his teacher, Mrs. Barry, noticed something was different about him. He could not sit still and pay attention. He was like a little whirlwind. After many tests at Children’s Hospital, he was finally diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability. Through the help of Children’s and school, we found our saving grace and Godsend, The St. Anthony Program.

He was enrolled in Cardinal Wright Regional where he repeated kindergarten and started his inclusive program and with the help of Mrs. Brunner, whom he adored, he was given the resources he needed. It was truly a blessing watching him grow and make many friends. Though some of the years were tough, no one ever lost faith in him.

Upon eighth grade graduation, it was off to Bishop Canevin. There he continued his education, started his worksite program and also attended homecomings and proms with his best friend Anita and made many more friends.

Connor is now in his last year of St. Anthony’s Post-Secondary Program at Duquesne. I cannot say enough about how fortunate we are to have The St Anthony Program in our lives. They have really helped Connor flourish. Through his high school years and up to now he has been involved with his Bloomfield community, volunteering with the BBC, ushering at St Maria Goretti Church and singing in the choir. He also helps out at Dog n Burger restaurant and Merante’s gift shop.  It is such a joy when people come up to me and tell me what a pleasant, helpful and nice young man he is.

Upon graduation from the Post-Secondary Program at Duquesne in May, Connor is hoping to work for the county where he currently has an application and someday does his dream job of becoming a police officer.