St. Anthony's Ambassadors Committee

What is the St. Anthony Ambassadors Committee?

The St. Anthony Ambassadors Committee is a young professional organization that devotes its time for the sole benefit of the St. Anthony School Program.

What is the St. Anthony School Program?

For the past 65 years, St. Anthony School Program (the parent organization of the Ambassadors) has worked tirelessly to provide faith-based, top-tier education for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. What makes St. Anthony School Program so unique is that it accomplishes these goals through an inclusive social and educational system for students in kindergarten through college. Many of our students, upon graduation, go on to hold steady jobs and are fully functional adults in society.

What are the goals of the Ambassadors Committee?

The Ambassadors have two simple and straightforward goals:

  1. Raise awareness amongst a younger generation of the work that St. Anthony’s does and has been doing for many years and
  2. Raise funds to support the ongoing mission of St. Anthony’s so that St. Anthony students can continue to receive the highest quality education possible.

More specifically, the Ambassadors seek to raise sufficient funds each year to provide one full-tuition scholarship to a deserving student.

What do the Ambassadors do and who are they?

The Ambassadors host a minimum of one event per quarter and are always interested in meeting new, excited young professionals looking to positively impact the lives of St. Anthony students. Events range from “meet and greets” at local restaurants to sponsoring the monthly Candlelight Mass at St. Stanislau Kotska parish in the Strip District.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ambassadors and joining the Ambassadors, feel free to reach out to the Ambassadors at


St. Anthony Ambassadors Committee Members

Paul Svirbel

Jason Bertocchi

Evan Marone

Sean Hannon

Emily Hannon

Will Fitzgerald

Kasey Cahill

Mark Summers

Gabe Antoni

Fr. Nicholas Vaskov, Chaplin

Oliver Oxenreiter

St. Anthony School Programs

For over 65 years, St. Anthony School Programs has been helping students of all faiths with intellectual disabilities live their lives to the fullest academically, socially, vocationally and spiritually.

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