For over 65 years, St. Anthony School Programs has led the way with its mission of providing an academic course of studies and vocational training for students with developmental disabilities ages 5 to 21. To ensure that we will carry on with our mission in the future, the St. Anthony School Programs Board of Trustees was restructured in March 2007 into three separate governing Boards. The St. Anthony Programs Board serves as the parent governing body for the program. Its mission is to directly oversee the work of the other two boards.

The St. Anthony School Programs Board is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our program. The St. Anthony Charitable Foundation will focus on fundraising and managing the special events to guarantee that we are financially able to continue our program for as long as there is a need. All funds raised by the St. Anthony Charitable Foundation directly support the students of St. Anthony School Programs.


St. Anthony Programs Board

Members of the Corporation

Most Rev. David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburgh

Very Rev. Lawrence A. DiNardo, VG, JCL. Vicar General, Diocese of Pittsburgh


St. Anthony School Programs Board of Trustees

Mr. Matthew D. Schneider, Chair

Mr. Roger Roble, Vice-Chair

Mr. Francis David, Secretary

Mr. Adam S. Monks, Treasurer

Mr. Timothy R. Basilone

Mr. Rod Dobish

Mr. Gary Eiseman

Mrs. Loretta Hurley

Mr. Eric C. Johnson

Mr. Justin J. Kontul, Esq.

Mrs. Anne Giannetti-Osborn

Mr. Joseph Osinski

Dr. Robert L. Paserba

Mr. Anthony Smulski

Mr. Louis Towchik


Ex-Officio Members

Ms. Kristin Boose-Repin, Esq., Associate General Council, Office for Civil Legal Services, Diocese of Pittsburgh

Mr. Richard Kelly, Jr., Treasurer, Charitable Foundation Board

Nicholas P. Matt, Chair, Charitable Foundation Board

Michelle Peduto, Director of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Pittsburgh

Emeritus Trustees

Joanne Christopher


St. Anthony Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees 

Mr. Nicholas P. Matt, Chair

Mr. James A. Maochi, Vice-Chair

Mr. Richard Kelly, Jr., Treasurer

Mr. Jason Bertocchi

Mrs. Catherine A. Caponi

Mrs. Susan David

Mr. Gennaro J. DiBello

Mr. John J. Ghaznavi

Mr. Kyle Hazen

Mr. Michael J. Kelly

Mr. Robert T. Maida

Mr. Angelo A. Martini, Jr.

Ms. Linda Massaro

Mr. Steven M. Massaro

Mr. William P. Pecora

Mr. Carlo Schiaretta

Mr. David E. Sweitzer

Mr. Brennen Weidl


St. Anthony School Programs

For over 65 years, St. Anthony School Programs has been helping students of all faiths with intellectual disabilities live their lives to the fullest academically, socially, vocationally and spiritually.

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