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Scholarship Golf Outing
July 21st at Green Oaks Country Club
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20th Annual Dinner & Auction
Lauren Potter to speak!
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"Students Celebrate Catholic Schools Week"

The Diocese of Pittsburgh Celebrated Catholic Schools Week this week (January 30th - February 3rd) with different activities throughout the schools in the Diocese.  Here are just some of the things going on at our Inclusive sites.

St. Thomas More

The school held themed days and a dance fundraiser for Chimbote.  St. Anthony students got to wear their favorite team jersey on Favorite Sports Jersey Day.

Eighth grade students worked on a project asking "Where have you seen Christ in STM?" and some of them spoke of our students in their reports.  Here is what some of them had to day:

"I have seen God in my school St. Thomas More through its St. Anthony program which helps children with disabilities. One specific person who is very good to a friend of mine is Mrs. R who is the main helper of Brent, John, and Haley. I have known Mrs. R along with Brent and Haley since kindergarten and I can tell that Mrs. R truly has a love for these children. She has infinite patience and love for the blessed  children of St. Thomas More." -

"I have seen God at St. Thomas More through Mrs. Young. Last year when we gathered in the gym to award our St. Anthony's students and their partners with trophies for participating in the inclusive games, I saw God work through her. It amazed me how much courage, patience, and tolerance God has blessed her with to work with them. I saw how even though her job can be tough at times, she never gives up and perseveres. She helps our St. Anthony students because she loves them, cares for them, and wants them to be the best they can be. These qualities are Jesus working through her each and every day." 

"I have seen God at STM through the children of the St. Anthony's program. For the last 8 years that I have been here, they have inspired me to live a happier lifestyle, and to truly appreciate what I have. They have always had problems in their life, whether it be adversity maybe in public, or just everyday things that to them may be a struggle. However, they always have their head held high, and have respect for others like God does and like everyone else should. I think they have had such an impact on my life, because I obviously don't know what it's like to have disabilities, which made me think. Eventually, I had realized how many issues they face, and how blessed I am, and that I should be more appreciative of what I have."

St. Therese

Students celbrated the 100th day of school.


St. Mary of the Assumption

Students at St. Mary's had a Get up and Move Dance party, attended a school assembly and celebrated the 100th day of school.


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